There are other brands of dermal fillers comparable to Belotero, such as Juvederm Ultra and Restalyne, and they all have slightly different compounds and consistencies and are designed to be administered at various depths in your skin. It’s really up to your cosmetic doctor to choose which ones are best to address your needs, but in general, Belotero is one of the lightest formulas. “Belotero is thinner than many of the other fillers, so it can be injected very high up in the skin without the risk of causing bumps, lumps, or much of a bluish cast, called a Tyndall Effect, which happens with thicker fillers. That’s why Belotero is primarily used to treat those first shallow fine lines, especially around the mouth where the skin is very thin,” explains Dr. Wattenberg. In many cases, a combination of two or more dermal filler brands applied to different areas will be most effective for optimal facial rejuvenation.